We de-commoditise brands and make sure the magic and passion shine through by forming emotional connections between them and their audiences.

Founded in 2001, CUBE is an award winning communications and events agency comprising a core in-house team and a network of collaborating specialists.

We are expert in communicating the detail around brands and products whose complexity and premium positioning require the audience to really understand and believe in them. We create content, experiences and opportunities through combining PR with social and experiential to amplify great activations to wider audiences.

We do big and small, local and global. We are equally at home working across trade and consumer audiences and pride ourselves in our ability to deliver multi-channel, integrated campaigns as well as focused, opportunistic projects.

Above all, we really care about what we do because your success is our success. We want to work with you to be better than anyone else, together.

One of the most dynamic and entrepreneurial of communication companies, leading where others have followed, taking initiative, and delivering superbly.

Jamie Goode, Wine Writer, Daily Express

We’ll let our work speak for itself, so please do take a look through the projects and campaigns we’ve featured here. They range from creating brand identities to generating stand-out media coverage, and from training sales teams across Europe to delivering beautiful brand experiences throughout the UK that reach thousands.

The combination of your brand and our energy, enthusiasm and ideas will be a heady mix. Let us show you how we are different, and we’ll do great things together.

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