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Consumer PR

We discover and create opportunities for our brands in the media to secure on-message, positive coverage across print, broadcast and digital channels. We are equally adept at reducing coverage when the need arises too. In such a fast-paced, multi-channel environment, it’s never been more important to be quick in both thought and deed. We are fleet of foot and sharp of mind, enabling us to deliver integrated consumer campaigns to maximum advantage.

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Trade PR

No other agency knows the drinks trade press the way we do. Indeed, some of us used to be the drinks trade press. We know how the drinks industry works too, and this insight allows us to frame and present information so that it gets written, read and shared. We can help forge relationships that will directly affect your bottom-line.

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The CUBE Events Team brings brands to life through award-winning tastings, roadshows, exhibitions, Fairs, team-building and experiential activations. It’s dedicated excellence means that all initiatives are delivered smoothly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Our events always get noticed, and always get remembered – the perfect formula to creating or strengthening relationships.

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With both consumer and trade environments being so dynamic and competitive, how you look really counts. Our in-house design resource not only produces brilliant work, driven by years of industry-leading experience, but also dove-tails neatly with the rest of the team to reduce lead-times and get to the best solution faster.

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Digital Media

The Digital Media Team not only run whole communities such as the ground-breaking Tesco Wine Community, but also acts a specialist plug-in to our other accounts meaning that expertise and amplification is always available. It is now taken for granted that campaigns are integrated and include social media, but getting that right requires specialist knowledge. We have that knowledge.

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Cube Consult

It all starts with us taking a good hard look at your brand, stripping it back to its bare bones so that when we put it back together again we understand it completely. It is the process of matching these core brand characteristics to the target audience that fires the sparks of a great campaign. We do big thinking and we do ‘little’ thinking too. This ranges from revolutionising the multi-channel customer experience at one of the world’s largest retailers to remembering the birthdays of key editors!

Case Studies

“CUBE has proven itself to be a very effective communications partner with a broad skill base. We consider them part of the team, and know that they will deliver to a very high standard. They really understand how our trade works and act as an efficient and personable interface between us and the media. ”

Dan Jago,
Category Director,
Tesco Beers, Wines and Spirits

“Working with CUBE is like a breath of fresh air. ”

Jane Parkinson,
Wine Writer,

“Team CUBE offers impeccable attention to detail and are a splendid bunch to work with. Informal and led by their expertise, they work tirelessly to deliver the very best for their clients. ”

Olly Smith,
TV Presenter,

“I’ve found CUBE to be one of the most dynamic and entrepreneurial of communication companies, leading where others have followed, taking initiative, and delivering superbly. ”

Jamie Goode,
Wine Writer,

“Since we employed CUBE we’ve seen a real step-change in energy and creativity in promoting our wines to the UK trade and consumers. They are flexible and easy to work with, and their exceptionally broad skill-set means that every hurdle is overcome quickly and with a minimum of hassle. ”

Nuno Vale,
Chief Marketing Officer,

“What sets CUBE apart is that they can be relied upon to shake up the safe formulas of drinks marketing with their imaginative approach. ”

Sarah Jane Evans,
Wine Writer,

“CUBE is a dynamic and forward-thinking agency whom I really enjoy working with. Everyone on the team is friendly and super-efficient in terms of providing supporting material for stories and web-savvy content ideas ”

Anna Brech,

“They are a superb team of individuals blending creativity, experience, personality and reliability in each project they take on. ”

Stuart Anderton,
Category Director,
Tesco Wine by the Case

“The team at CUBE is brimming with energy and ideas, offering great creative PR solutions which deliver real results. ”

Carolyn D'Aguilar,
Brand Manager,

“CUBE have delivered a meticulous, innovative event and also generated excellent coverage. ”

Sonia Herschtel,
Senior Brand Manager Moët & Chandon / Mercier,
Moët Hennessy

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