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We Are Hiring - Digital Media Executive

CUBE has created a new role to support its busy PR Team across the client base. The Digital Media Executive will work with the PR Director and Manager to ensure that all digital and social media elements of clients’ PR campaigns are delivered efficiently, effectively and in the correct tone of voice.

I want to see things I don't like

I had lunch with @robertjoseph last week and something he said sparked a concern. He suggested that the way social media and segmentation is going, we could all end up even more homogenised than before. This worries me, and has real implications for marketers and PRs, because this homogenisation of groups will lead to polarisation and fragmentation of audiences.

WSTA Conference Thoughts: Innovation, what’s in a word?

Yesterday I attended the Wine and Spirit Trade Association Conference, and was very impressed by the output. Not ‘change the world’ stuff, but interesting nonetheless.

My name is Chris and I drink wine

I’m down in Bristol at the Tesco Wine Fair, where yesterday hundreds of customers came together with the trade and wine producers to taste from around 300 wines.

Is the UK Wine Trade Failing to Engage with the Consumer?

Yesterday I attended an experimental Harpers forum placing many of the great and the good from the UK wine industry in a room to discuss a topic. The proposition of this particular event was “At the root of the wine industry’s problems is the failure to engage with the consumer”.

In addition to the quality audience – from which you could have quite happily formed a couple of speakers panels – we heard from six diverse experts

The Insane World of (Some) Generic Wine Marketing

We recently lost a pitch for an Old World regional generic wine account. The budget was sizeable and there was huge scope for improvement – so, in short, we were excited about it and really wanted to win it. We put in three weeks’ work and eventually submitted a detailed, imaginative, realistic, ground-breaking campaign proposal for three years. I can guarantee it would have worked – increasing awareness, incentivising the trade, exciting the consumer and boosting sales. The result? We failed at the first hurdle – not something we are used to.

How to Safeguard the Health of the UK Wine Trade

The UK wine trade is one sick puppy. All of us – retailers, brand owners, producers, bottles, designers, marketers, PRs, press - deep down know this to be true.

Many have been trying to draw attention to this – ranging from Robert Joseph years ago to Michael Cox (Wines of Chile) and Richard Cochrane (Bibendum) in the latest issue of Harpers. Many others think it but can’t say it out loud.

They are more important than us

Recently Richard Wiseman, a psychologist from Hertfordshire University, released research results suggesting that consumers couldn’t tell the difference between cheap plonk and fine wine and suggested that they were ‘fooling themselves into thinking that expensive wine tasted better’

Evolve or Die

Evolve or die. Innovation within the wine category is essential across all facets – wine production, wine styles, packaging, shipping, pricing and marketing. Why? Because we haven’t got it right yet - in fact, I think things are getting worse. For all the talk of consumers being more empowered than ever in their wine buying decisions, I feel they are more confused – presented with so many buying cues and tips that they are more concerned about not making the wrong choice than in making the right one for them.

An evening with the Diablo SupperClub

A few of us lucky members of the CUBE team were fortunate enough to join the winners of the latest Diablo SupperClub competition at the brand new Waitrose cookery school in North London at the weekend.

The Diablo SupperClub is a movement for foodies all across the UK to learn more about food and wine matching, read cooking tips and share recipes. A seasonal competition offers the chance to match one of your own favourite recipes with a Casillero del Diablo wine in order to be in with a chance to win an amazing cookery experience.

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